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Psychometric Testing and Counseling Session
 For Students in Grade 7 - 12

For Students in Grade 7 - 12, who want to understand their academic strengths and interests better

  • Description:

    • One time-consult:

      • Begins with the student taking a psychometric test **

      • Followed by a 1.5 hour counseling session ***

    • Roadmap - Post the counseling session, we will devise a 2-3 page plan which will act as a roadmap for the student and the family

  • ** Psychometric Testing:

    • Comprehensive psychometric assessment and evaluation by a certified team

    • Recommendations on potential career pathways that meet students interest and aptitude

    • Next steps on how to build competencies for these career pathways 

    • Guidance on subject selection and extracurricular activities based on student specific evaluation 

  • *** Counseling Session and Roadmap:

    • Academics

      • Discussion and assistance around the different curriculums and which one would best suit the students' needs

      • Discussion around school and grades 

      • Explaining benchmarks for top colleges along with SAT/ACT requirements

    • Extracurricular

      • Discussion on current interests, hobbies and extracurricular participation in school 

      • Brainstorming ideas for building a better profile with respect to extracurriculars, social work and future internships 

      • Basic goal setting for where the student needs to be at the end of 11th

    • Personality

      • Advice on skill sets which can be built in the future 

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