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Student-Athlete College Counseling
For Students in Grade 9 to 12

For Students in Grade 9 - 12, who want to compete in varsity sports while attending university 

Scope of Work
Academic Major Research and Selection
  • Guidance on academic majors and courses 

  • Academic majors/course exploration through multiple activities and exercises

  • Understanding the future industry landscape of the desired academic major/course through activities and exercises 

  • Subject Selection Strategy

College Selection
  • ​Understanding priorities and goals for a college

  • College research and brainstorming activities 

  • College list creation - dream, reach, fit

  • Identifying best-fit colleges

  • Help plan college visits

Coach Communication Process
  • Leveraging our coach relationships to communicate on behalf of the student-athlete 

  • Helping the student-athlete reach out to coaches directly

  • Guidance on how to build good relationships with coaches

  • Coach call and meeting preparation

  • Planning coach meetings for the summer

  • Liaising with coaches for pre-reads

Athletic Components
  • Building and updating an athlete profile - resume, cover letter and videos 

  • Assisting the student with NCAA and/or NAIA eligibility center requirements 

  • Planning tournament and athletic schedules to increase competitive participation 

  • Summer planning for US camps, showcases and tournaments

Building a Holistic Profile
  • Brainstorming and ideation on independent student projects 

  • Execution support by breaking down action steps for the student 

  • Shortlisting and applying to the right programs - research programs, summer schools, social work, internship programs etc. 

  • Crafting and editing the resume

  • Strategy on standardized testing timeline and number of attempts needed

  • Guidance on AP subject selection

Essays and Personal Statements
  • Essay ideation through multiple brainstorming activities and sessions 

  • Guidance on picking the right topics and stories keeping in mind the college shortlist 

  • Multiple rounds of essay edits and support to finalize the essay drafts 

  • Strategizing supplemental essay work by combing common-theme-essays to save the student’s time

Application Work
  • Guidance on application filing for various application portals - up to 12 applications (we only count applications which include supplemental essays)

  • Designing tailor-made college list strategies for different admissions cycles 

  • Additional research and guidance from our end on application requirements such as English Proficiency, Financial Aid, Certification of Finances, and many other granular details

  • Advice on demonstrating interest to colleges 

  • Interview preparation 

  • Planning and advising on letters of recommendation

  • Guidance on dealing with academic, application and other stressors 

  • Providing extrinsic motivation and inspiration for the student to excel 

  • Activities and exercises to enable confidence, self-motivation and ambition

  • Introducing time management techniques and tools

Our Students Are In
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What Our Students Say
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Ishaan Shroff, New York University,  NYU

"I thought the recruitment and admissions process was going to be hard, but I found it pretty enjoyable because of the NexTrack team. They were always available for me and there for me throughout the two year journey! They made the whole essay process so easy for me, and I actually had fun working on my essays because of their process!"

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Shanaya Irani, Carnegie Mellon University, CMU

“The NexTrack team motivated me whenever there were any setbacks in the admissions process. They made the essay process so easy for me. None of the advice was ever sugar-coated and everything was done by taking my goals and priorities into account.”

Shubham Jaglan, University of South Florida

"I'd like to truly thank the NexTrack team for all their support during this entire journey. The entire recruitment process can be very overwhelming but they helped me navigate my way through it one step at a time and as a result, and I got into my dream school on a full-scholarship!"

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